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, data-title="Arrietty" data-description="The character Arrietty from the Studio Ghibli film, taking a relaxing dip in a teacup bathtub." > , data-title="Harley Quinn" data-description="A playful take on the classic DC Comics villainess." > , data-title="Within You" data-description="An homage to the classic 1986 film Labyrinth, for the Hey You Guys gallery show at Cricket Press, February 2014." > , data-title="Wizard Howl" data-description="Howell Jenkins from the Ghibli film Howl's Moving Castle, lovable scamp he is." > , data-title="Within You" data-description="A short comic reminding all of us to remember all the people that love us on Valentine's Day." > , data-title="Tiny Overlord" data-description="For the Telegraph Gallery show Plastic Memories, a tribute to childhood toys. March 2014." > , data-title="Superstar Annabelle" data-description="A fun tribute to the pangolin character Anabelle from the game series Animal Crossing, as part of a collab." > , data-title="Witchlette pg 1" data-description="First page illustration for my webcomic Witchlette." > , data-title="Flower Crown Class" data-description="A tree nymph teaches a new friend the basics of flower crown construction." > , data-title="Lady Murasaki" data-description="Lady Murasaki Shikibu illustrated for the book Ladies of Literature." > , data-title="Breakfast Punk" data-description="Breakfast, the most important meal of the day, even for punks." > , data-title="Rock Queen Marceline" data-description="A rock n' roll portrait of Marceline from the show Adventure Time." > , data-title="Little Shop of Horrors, Witchlette Edition" data-description="Witchlette faces a potted enemy." > , data-title="Poison Ivy" data-description="My favorite femme fatale from the DC Comics universe." > , data-title="Lakeside Mysteries" data-description="A tribute to the Disney cartoon Gravity Falls." > , data-title="Forest Shoujo Characters" data-description="Character development for a future comic." > , data-title="Star Shorts" data-description="Fashion illustration." > , data-title="Witchlette Side Characters" data-description="Witchlette comic character develpment." > , data-title="Bake Life Comic" data-description="A journal comic about my love of baking." > , data-title="Autumn in the Park" data-description="A poor sap experiences a gust of wind and some embarrassment." > , data-title="Let's Draw!" data-description="An inspirational illustration for every artist!" >